🛠️ Productivity Tools built with React 🛠️

Tools for tracking expenses, generating invoices, and tracking long-term goals are all featured in this week's Fullstack React Newsletter. I'm really excited about all these tools I found this week -- I want to use them all!

The best part about all these tools (aside from the fact that they are built with React of course) is that they are open source -- so you can self-host them and make all kinds of wild changes to the applications. Another big plus about self-hosting these applications is that your data can belong solely to you (depending on the type of backend you choose) -- you don't have to worry about another company having access to sensitive data.

Aside from these amazing tools I found, included in this week's newsletter is an article from our very own Yomi Eluwande and Nate Murray. There's a lot of talk about hooks these days, but how do you actually use them? Yomi & Nate explain how in the latest blog post from the Fullstack React blog.

Happy Coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker





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