This week: data viz!

Recently Uber released a new data-viz library: react-vis. So I thought that this week we could cover some of the dataviz libraries that work well with React. Read on to learn about some awesome libraries for working with D3, and even viewing 3d models!

Now that all major browsers support drawing on the <canvas>, there's no shortage of data visualization libraries. D3 is extremely popular, and standard go-to library for anyone doing a lot of custom viz work.

That said, D3 has a steep learning curve and can be a bit too much for someone who "just wants to make a graph". Lot's of the libraries below try to make it easier to get a basic graph going.

That said, if you're going to have a chart in a browser, you may as well make it interactive. And if you're using React on the rest of the page, passing data between React and your dataviz is not always straightforward. The libraries below also try to bridge that gap.

And what good is a chart without a place to put it? Below, take a look at Mozaik - a sweet dashboard builder.

Have a favorite data viz tool I'm missing? Or do you have any recommendations for dashboard libraries? Think I was totally wrong about isomorphic apps last week?

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