Happy Birthday React! πŸŽ‚ Plus: React 16.4 & Material UI v1.0 releases, and build Minesweeper with React!

Yesterday marked 5 years since React was open sourced. It’s amazing to think how much of web development has changed in such short amount of time. It’s completely changed the way I write applications! It’s exciting to see what the next 5 years will bring.

In other news: React 16.4 was released last week! The blog post detailing all the changes and bug fixes is included below. πŸ‘‡

Also included in this week's newsletter:

  • Material UI v1.0 is released!
  • The JavaScript team at Drupal details their migration to React in a detailed blog post
  • Read up on the highlights from React Europe
  • Learn how to build Minesweeper with React
  • Two libraries: an image processing component & a browser-specific render component

Happy coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker





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