Vue or React? Plus: Component libraries from Atlassian & Artsy and Letterpad: A React-based publishing platform

Vue surpassed React this week in number of Github stars! While Github stars is only one measure of the success of an open source project, it certainly is a good sign that the JavaScript ecosystem is thriving and full of great options.

Did you know that (the team that produced the Fullstack React book!) also has a Vue book? If you're interested in expanding your knowledge beyond the React ecosystem, you can also check out our in-depth guide to Vue.

In other news, I've seen more and more component libraries pop up on Github from companies that are using React and want to standardize their workflow, styles and code. It's interesting to see what types of components companies are building and the styles they use. For example Atlassian has a lot of different components you commonly see (pagination, navigation, media cards) but they also have variations on those different components (controlled vs. uncontrolled, different text editors for different products, etc). Even if you don't use these component libraries yourself, it's good to take a look at how they are structured and what they code looks like to get a feel for what a component library looks like in case you ever need to build one yourself!

Also included in this week's newsletter is a 5-part series from Airbnb on their experience with React Native and Letterpad, a blog publishing platform that uses GraphQL, React & Express.

Happy coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker






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