Context vs Redux, React PDF & Evergreen: A component library

Hello React Friends!

The newsletter has been MIA for a few weeks now -- we've been hard at work working on a few different projects I'm excited about!

🐬Our book Fullstack React Native is now complete! Our main authors, Devin Abbott and Houssein Djirdeh have written a great book with the editorial help of Anthony Accomazzo (who wrote many chapters of our other book Fullstack React) If you've been wanting to learn about React Native, check out our book! It's a really great resource.

🐬 I've also started writing a book with Oleksii Trekhleb based on his great Github repo: JavaScript Algorithms. Have you ever thought as a frontend developer that all those algorithms you're quizzed on in interviews just won't ever get used or aren't relevant! Think again! Oleksii's Github repo is a treasure trove of examples and we are going to take the most commonly used algorithms and explain how they work and where you would use them. I'm really excited about this project!

And for more React related news, check out the great repos and articles included in this week's newsletter:

🐬 Context API vs Redux? Which do you choose? There are a few articles in this week's newsletter explaining the benefits of both and when to use one over the other

🐬 Learn how to be more concise when fetching data by using state machines

🐬 Segment has released a component library called Evergreen that has some nice, clean looking components

🐬Render PDFs with React using the react-pdf library

Happy coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker





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