Reakit, a toolkit for React & why setState is asynchronous

When creating applications with large amounts of data, sometimes displaying that data in a way that minimizes the effects on performance can be tricky. Rather than rendering all the elements in a list or a table, we can use something called 'windowing', where only the elements that are visible in the browser are rendered. Elements outside the visible space are not rendered unless the user scrolls up or down. react-virtualized is a React library that allows you to achieve this 'window' effect without having to write much of the code yourself. Check out the tutorial down below for more details on how to use react-virtualized in your next React project!

Also included in this week's newsletter:

  • Reakit, a toolkit of React components
  • Do you know why setState is asynchronous? Read Dan Abramov's explanation
  • Check out how the team at Drops uses React Native and the pros & cons of using it.

Happy coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker






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