Hooked on React 🎣

The React core team made some major announcements at React Conf last week -- the biggest one being the announcement about hooks! Hooks are a new way to write components -- instead of using JavaScript classes, hooks just make use of functions. Some important features about hooks:

🎣 Hooks let you reuse logic between components without changing your component hierarchy.

🎣 Hooks let you split one component into smaller functions based on what pieces are related.

🎣 Hooks let you use React without classes.

🎣 Hooks are opt-in and 100% backwards-compatible. You can use Hooks side by side with your existing code.

This week's newsletter is devoted to all things related to hooks.

Included in this week's newsletter:

  • Learn about the motivations behind this new way of writing components in React by reading a blog post from Dan Abramov
  • Check out Ryan Florence's talk from React Conf where he does a deep dive into using hooks and check out his github repo showcasing the code he used for his talk
  • Listen to a podcast with the React Core team and co-hosts Michael Jackson & Michael Chan and learn about their thoughts on hooks

Happy coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker

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