5 way to style your React components, building an offline React app with AI functionality and React's roadmap

I'm really excited about this week's newsletter! I've included a few code repos that do some interesting things with React, including a repo that works offline and uses AI -- all using AWS services (which I'm a fan of! 😀) .

Check out the highlights in this week's newsletter:

  • The React team published a blog post laying out the roadmap for future releases of React. This blog post will give you all the details for what's coming next in React.
  • styled-components now has native support for the css prop! Check out the blog post announcing the change and update to the latest version of styled-components to get this awesome new feature.
  • Speaking of styled-components, did you know there are other ways to style your React components? This week's newsletter includes a tutorial which details 5 different ways to style your components in React
  • Have you ever wanted to give your user the ability to print a React component? The ReactToPrint library does just that!

Happy Coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker






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