This week: more data architecture!

I'm a bit obsessed with data architecture at the moment. There is so much innovation in the space of data arch right now that it's hard to know which one to pick. Even the winners in the React space are still changing.

For instance, redux clearly has the highest amount of mindshare, but it's still awkward to integrate with Relay. And something like Relay is clearly the future of intermediation between the client and the server. So, right now, it's really difficult to pick a side when everyone knows things are changing.

Below we cover a few alternate ideas to flux/redux - the biggest contender seems to be some of the RxJS-based systems. (Though, personally, while I find observables to be powerful, I find the RxJS library to have a high mental overhead because of the large API surface area).

Another source of inspiration is the Elm language and patterns. Redux itself was inspired by the Elm architecture, and there are still ideas from that community being ported back to ours. Below I've included a few Elm / React integration links that you might find useful.

It's an exciting time to be a web developer!



Data Architecture




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