React v16.8 released!

The big announcement today is that React v16.8 was released this morning which includes stable support for hooks. You can now officially use hooks in your applications!

Haven't heard of hooks yet? Not to worry, the React documentation has a whole section dedicated to hooks and how to use them.

The basic idea surrounding hooks is that you no longer need to write a class to create a React component. Instead, we create our components using functions and update the components using hooks which are special, React-specific functions similar to lifecycle methods.

Dan Abramov and Sophie Alpert introduced the concept of hooks at React Conf 2018 -- you can watch their talk here

While hooks are an exciting new development in React, there's no need to go and refactor all of your applications to use them if you want to update to the latest version of React. Hooks are completely opt-in and 100% backward-compatible. So upgrade to the latest version and start building out some new components with these new features (after thoroughly reading the docs of course!)

Happy Coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker

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