Going "serverless" has been a trending topic lately in the tech space. If you aren't familiar with the concept, the idea is that instead of paying for an application or database server that is idle while there is no activity or requests being made, your entire application is handled by third party "Backend as a Service" applications. Services such as Firebase which is a database in the cloud, Auth0 (an authentication service) and AWS Lambda (function as a service) all fall under this umbrella term. There are many other services out there that provide serverless functionalities. The first conference dedicated to all things serverless was just this last May in New York. AWS Lambda was launched in late 2014 and available for general use in spring 2015. As more and more of these services pop up it's beneficial to explore this option as you build your React application. Not having to maintain a server, especially if it will be idle a good portion of your time can alleviate not only maintenance costs, but operational costs as well. This week we are looking at some serverless options for React, including a few options for static site generators. Static sites are great for documentation sites and informational sites. Hosting these sites up on AWS S3 or similar service can be a low cost way to serve up simple sites.


-Sophia Shoemaker






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