You don't test? Surely you jest!

The testing landscape for JavaScript is fairly diverse. With library names like Mocha, Chai and Jasmine you might feel like you're ordering a drink at Starbucks instead of writing JavaScript code. A little over a week ago, React announced create-react-app, the official way to get started with a React app. Just this week they included Jest as part of the create-react-app tool. This decision to include Jest was met with some opinionated responses, but the nice thing about the create-react-app tool is if you don't want to use Jest, you can just use the "eject" command and have full access to the entire configuration of your app and replace Jest with the testing framework or library of choice.

Here at Fullstack React, we are in the process of writing a chapter devoted to testing React components. We’ll use create-react-app to set up our environment with Jest and the popular Enzyme library to make assertions on our components. Be on the lookout for a future email announcing the latest update to our book!

In the meantime, check out some tutorials, discussions, and code below centered around JavaScript and React’s testing ecosystem.


-Sophia Shoemaker (with some generous help from our very own Anthony Accomazzo)





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