Upgrading from ES5 to ES6 with React

ECMAScript 5 or ES5 as it's more commonly known has been the standard for JavaScript since 2009 and has been implemented across most browsers. The 6th edition of ECMAScript, also known as ES6 or ES2015 was standardized in 2015, and some features have been implemented in most modern browsers (see a compatability table here). Given that ES6 is the future of JavaScript, the React core team and community have pushed to start using ES6 features more and more in React. There are quite a few features and syntax changes in ES6 so looking at documentation or tutorials can be confusing if you aren't familiar with the differences between ES5 and ES6. Luckily, our newsletter is here to help! We've got a few tutorials and videos and some code repositories that define some of the features and improvements in ES6.

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