RxJS, Preact and Inferno -- Alternatives to the typical React approach to building applications

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Modern Web's meetup at Netflix and it was entertaining to say the least. We listened to some great talks by Corey Grunewald, Mars Julian and Stephen Rivas, Jr. We also got a thorough overview of version 4 of React Router from the creators, Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson. Jay Phelps gave an interesting talk on RxJS and how to use it with Redux and React.

Inspired by Jay Phelps talk, this week we are looking at some libraries that offer alternatives to the typical approach to a React application. Redux seems to be the default for complex state management and redux-thunk or redux-saga are the commonly used libraries for handling asynchronous operations with Redux. RxJS is slightly different approach to handling asynchronous data and doesn't necessarily need to be use in connection with Redux. We're also exploring some alternative libraries to React, Preact and Inferno. Both libraries mimic the React API fairly closely, but under the hood have different implementations.

Happy Coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker

High five for React!  




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