While it may be off putting at first, JSX is really one of the key elements of React. The declarative nature of React coupled with JSX syntax can make it easy to reason about a component, even if a developer has never touched a codebase before.

This week we're checking out some libraries, tutorials and tools that help us understand and use JSX to it's full potential. Sublime is a text editor used by many developers and it doesn't come with JSX support out of the box so it's helpful to use the Babel plugin for Sublime. Accessibility is also another important aspect of web development that's often overlooked and we've included an ESLint plugin to make sure our JSX elements include accessibility attributes and features.

We've also included two libraries: One that takes a different approach to inline styles by making use of JSX syntax and component props and another that uses JSX for control statements (if/else, for loops, etc).

Happy Coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker






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