Q&A with Dan Abramov, Redux libraries and Pinterest's migration to React

Twitter had some interesting threads this week -- Dan Abramov had an impromptu Q&A session and answered a lot of questions around React Fiber. Leland Richardson brought up a topic that started an interesting conversation around redux-thunk: "(controversial?) opinion: redux-thunk is too powerful and is a foot-gun. avoid in favor of more convention-based middlewares"

Also included in this week's newsletter is a Redux library for memoizing selectors, a React and Draft.js powered WSYIWIG text editor and a blog post explaining Pinterest's migration to React. A complete overhaul of a codebase like Pinterest's is no small undertaking and the blog post pinpoints some of the issues they encountered while going through the process as well as detailing the success of the project.

Happy Coding (and Happy Thanksgiving to all you U.S.-based React coders!)

-Sophia Shoemaker

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