A New Way to Handle Events in React, Babel 7.0 and Fullstack React available on Amazon!

This week has lots of exciting news! React 16 is getting closer to being released officially and Babel 7.0 is just around the corner. Over here at Fullstack React, our book, Fullstack React: The Complete Guide to ReactJS and Friends, is now available in paperback form on Amazon! It's 800 pages of amazing ReactJS goodness. Check out the electronic copy if you don't want those 800 pages taking up space on your bookshelf or coffee table (but honestly, with such a gorgeous cover, who wouldn't want it on display? 🐬)

Also included in this week's newsletter:

  • Learn how housing.com incorporated React Native into their native apps
  • Use react-broadcast to send state changes down to descendants in the component tree
  • Check out the react-tagsinput library to add tags for user input

Happy Coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker





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