React's new `context` API & game clones built with React

The big news in the React community as of late is the new context API. While it hasn't officially landed in a release yet, the next release will make it available and the old context API will still exist. In the past using context has been discouraged so it's great to see the React core team making it officially available.

The idea behind the context API is that it makes it easier to share state across components that aren't ancestors or descendants of each other. It also avoids "prop drilling" where you send data down your component tree through multiple levels and those intermediate components don't even need or use the data that is being sent down. It will be great to see what the community does with this new found freedom! In this week's newsletter are an article by Kent C. Dodds and "Unstated", a library by James Kyle that builds on the new context API.

I've also included a few fun game clones built with React: Tetris & Lumines and a great article by Nader Dabit on how to use authentication in React Native.

Happy Coding!

-Sophia Shoemaker

Sophia Shoemaker  




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